6 Best Malwarebytes Alternatives


Nowadays, having an anti-malware or antivirus installed on the computer is very important for the protection against malware and viruses. But what is the best antimalware software for you other than Malwarebytes? Well here is the list of the 6 best Malwarebytes alternatives for your PC.

Why do you want Antimalware?

Other than the prehistoric computer virus that always haunts your device by just making replicas of itself, the malwares are a bit advanced. They also do the same job of destroying your files and making devices slow by eating RAM! Malware is the collective name of different malicious software and ransomware that destroys your data.  

There are many different types of malwares such as adware, worms, keyloggers, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and many more suspicious malwares. They all work differently but ultimately it causes only problems. You can catch any one of them or more while just surfing the internet and you don’t even know what enters into your computer.

Data is the most important thing on your computer and its protection is necessary. That is why you must have an anti-malware or antivirus installed on your computer. Malwarebytes is also antimalware software. But what is the difference between antivirus and antimalware and what do you prefer? Read further to find out.

Antivirus v/s Antimalware

As the name suggests, Antivirus is made to fight against viruses, and Antimalware is made to protect against all types of malwares. But wait! Is that justifies it? Well here comes a myth that people believe antivirus protects against only the traditional virus.

But that is always not true. Both antimalware and Antivirus are made to perform the same operation to protect against malwares.

Yes, the antivirus protects against some specific traditional viruses and it is more relevant when you know that there is some specific virus causing error in your computer. But if you don’t know from what to protect your computer then you must have antimalware software.

Antimalware is quite broad in terms of detecting and removing different types of malwares rather than specific viruses. Hence antivirus protection protects against predictable danger while anti-malware protects against unknown and unpredictable dangers. It’s good if you already have an antivirus and is enough for protection. If you want more safety against some unknown malwares then you can prefer some of the below-mentioned alternatives Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is antivirus software but if you don’t have that, you can see the alternatives to Malwarebytes.

Best Alternatives of Malwarebytes

1. Bit Defender


Bit defender is one of the most used and most advanced anti-malware software in the market. This software has all the protection against every oddity in the world of the internet. When compared to Malwarebytes, it scores well enough. This has the capability of blocking more malicious pages than Malwarebytes.

Bit defender has a very user-friendly interface and easy to install. It also comes with browser extensions to immediately block malicious pages on the web. This is very helpful as it already prevents the malwares by blocking rather than only curing them when it enters. Bit defender is one of the best antimalware software and it tops its rank on the list.

Antimalware software is often more frequently updated to protect against new malwares. The next-gen technology of this protects against most of all ransomware. Bit defender has no other side effect on your computer and it runs silently in the background guarding like a boss.


  • This continuously and consistently finds out the ransomware and malwares with its superior performance.
  • No other side impact on the running system
  • Next-gen ransomware protection against TeslaCrypt, CTB-locker, Petya, and locky ransomware sub-branches.
  • Excellent protection levels and non-intrusive performance.
  • Good interface and easy to use


  • The free version may or may not be available on this software.


2. IObit

IObit is also one of the best antimalware software currently available in the market. It uses bit defender’s engine to run and scan the malicious activity and files present. This has a very user-friendly and lightweight antimalware software to protect against all odds. Having a good interface and easy-to-use features for scanning automatically the malwares that try to enter your device.

It has many features such as real-time scanning, privacy protection, looks out for browser protection, removable drive protection, web protection, and many different malware protections.

This has both the free and paid versions available and obviously, the free version has fewer features than the paid. But overall, IObit is a very good competitor of Malwarebytes.


  • This has a neat and clean attractive UI interface which is very user friendly
  • Recently added new ransomware protection engine
  • Lightweight fast and easy to use


  • In some cases, it has identified the malicious activity as both safe and harmful.


3. McAfee


McAfee is also a good alternative to Malwarebytes and scores good enough in blocking and removing the antimalware software and malicious files. It prevents harmful malware from coming into your device through browsers. It offers excellent up-to-date protection against all odds and keeps your PC safe.

This has also free VPN services and is very easy to use. The good interface provides easy-to-use features to the users. It is very lightweight and does not affect your running system.

McAfee’s password manager is one of the best and advanced features which provides the most secure password which can stand against any ransomware and malicious activities on the internet.

It can be operated in any operating system but IOS has some limited features. This is also a good option as the antimalware software as compared to Malwarebytes.


  • It is lightweight and fast scanning software.
  • Does not have an impact on the system.
  • Works on all operating systems


  • Parental control is not as good as the competition
  • It has limited protection for IOS


4. Spybot


Spybot is also one of the most advanced anti-malware software that is available in the market. The main function of Spybot is to search and destroy the malicious malware files that are present on your computer within just a click. It is very well known in terms of the removal of malware files.

It works much better in removing malicious files when compared to many antivirus software. One of the most efficient and most liked features of this software is the deletion of usage traces which becomes more difficult for others to track your session. This removes browser history and other cookies from your browser to get more privacy.

This has a very good interface and very easy to use with a click of a button. It is lightweight and does not affect the system. Well, it seems to be a good competitor of Malwarebytes because of all these features and hence it comes into the list.


  • It has immunization tools
  • Lightweight and easy installation on malware-infested test systems.


  • Limited information about removed threats
  • Slow updates and scans


5. Hitman Pro


Hitman Pro also comes into the list of best alternatives of Malwarebytes. It is also a very good option for scanning and removing the malwares from the computer. It uses multiple malicious activity detection engines such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

All the files selected are then uploaded to the cloud so that the engine can run the check against them and detect the malwares.

The advanced research done by the company helps detect every behavior of the malwares. This behavior then helps to identify the malware during the scan. As a result, it removes all the suspicious files that create malicious activities inside your computer.

These uploaded files which may contain malware have been tested against 4 different databases so that it can detect every malware that haunts computers and removes them.

This has a user-friendly UI and easy to use. Does not affect your running system. Hence another good alternative to Malwarebytes.


  • Uses databases of 4 labs to run a full security scan
  • Easy install and user friendly so easy to use
  • The user gets a 30-day trial to check this works or not


  • Works only on the Windows OS


6. Zemana


Zemana is also a cloud-based scanning system that runs through multiple scanning systems and engines which detect the malwares present. The advanced scanning automatically removes the unnecessary add-ons and adware and unwanted programs that create malicious activities.

This has a nice interface and easy-to-use methods to run security scans. Zemana is pretty lightweight and does not consume RAM or affect your system. One of the best competitors has to be added to the list of best alternatives of Malwarebytes.


  • Powerful and efficient protection
  • User friendly
  • Easy to install and use


  • Sometimes the real-time protection feature of this software doesn’t work



There are much different anti-malware and antivirus software that is currently available in the market. But the functionality of each different software depends upon the malwares that are causing the damage to your computer. Some may seem to be fast while some may seem to take much time in detecting the malwares.

Because different antimalware software uses different algorithms and engines to scan malicious activity. But here you can refer to the above-mentioned antimalware software which can be a really good alternative to Malwarebytes.

Just make sure that you install only one of them at a time on your system and only when it is required. If you are just installing them for scanning then you can uninstall them after the malwares are removed but make sure to install only one at a time.

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