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Python is a rapidly growing language. Also, the demand for python apps and python developers is increasing the market. In 2018, python becomes the most popular language in the world. You are reading this blog means you want to start a carrier in python or become a python developer. 

python developer

There is not a single job role in python development. Once, you become a master in python then you can choose any job roles according to your python skills. You can work as an AI engineer, web developer, database manager, etc. in any IT professional company. Rather, if you want to work as a freelance then you can also go for it but you need some experience in the python development field. 

Here, we have a full roadmap to becoming a python developer for every beginner.

Why you should learn python?

If you want to be a developer and don’t know which language you should choose as a developer, then by closing your eyes select python. It will give you tons of opportunities for work and a job. Most beginners choose the python language for their development because the syntax of python is very easy than other programming languages. 

These days, experienced developers also switching to python because python includes lots of libraries and which makes your work easy. Rather the problem is more complex, you don’t need to put much effort to write a code due to easy syntax and in-built library function.

Generally, for domains like data science, data analytics, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence python is the most preferable language. By using the library and frameworks you can decrease your code size to more than half.

So, due to more demand and easy syntax of python, you should start your carrier as a python developer.

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What and where to learn python?

After deciding to become a python developer, the first question that comes in the mind is that where I should learn python. It is not a big thing to learn python by paid course. 

Rather, there are lots of resources available to learn python without paying single money but you have to see the course review before you make dirty your eyes with that course. Also, you must check what you will learn when the course will be completed. If you are ready to dedicate your time to learn python and at last, you found that you haven’t learned all the required things then it will be awful for you. 

So, either you choose a paid or free course, make sure that you are learning all below mentioned things. This guide is for every beginner so if you are intermediate then you feel that you have already learned this thing.

1. Improve Basic python skills

Before you start to learn any programming language, you must have to build an environment to run it. So, install python on your computer and code editor also if you haven’t.

The next, step is that start learning basic things such that code syntax, variables, loops, conditional statements, arithmetic operations. Also, you have to learn basic data structures like sets, dictionaries, lists, tuples, stacks, queues, etc. These things help you to solve any complex problem with very few lines of code.

Next, you will implement all the things which you have learned till now. write basic codes to ensure that you have remembered and you are ready to implement all things which you have learned till now.

If you are confused about which types of basic questions you have to practice then you can visit here. Here, you can learn python and also complete exercises to test your knowledge. 

2. start to use python basic libraries and inbuilt function

Well, you are a python developer after completion of the first step. But only using that type of basic code you can’t develop the applications. You need to learn more things.

Now, you will start to use basic functions like min, max, sort, reverse, etc. On the internet, you will find lots of websites that provide these types of questions. NumPy library of python provides all basic arithmetic functions. By using that function you can write 10 to 50 lines of code in a single line. 

Now, you understand how basic libraries are important in python. However, in the upcoming section, we will talk about the advanced libraries also.

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3. Be familiar with frameworks

Now, it’s time to start the development with python using frameworks. Python includes very power full frameworks such that Django, Flask, and Pyramid. Nowadays, the Django framework is most used by the python developer to build a web app.

Furthermore, the Django backend framework is very easy to implement than other frameworks such that the Express framework on Node JS, etc. It allows you to start building a simple application with a single command to install Django on your project. 

4. Learn about ORM libraries and Front-end languages

To manage user’s data or your app’s data you must have to learn about the ORM libraries. Here, ORM stands for Object Relational Mapping. 

As an example, Django has Django ORM library and Flask has SqlAIchemy ORM library. This library is used to manage the database of the app without making many efforts. So, knowledge to insert and fetch data from the database is a must.

After writing the code to fetch the data from a database where and how you will show that data to users. You have to make the templates using HTML, CSS, and JS. If you want to be the only backend developer then you don’t need to learn the frontend technology. 

You can directly use Bootstrap templates if you don’t know about frontend languages.

5. Start to use advanced libraries

It’s not different from the above section. Before you have already used basic libraries. To use any library, you have to install it in your project and simply import it at the top of the script file. 

Make sure you are able to use any library of python by using the documentation of it. Also, you will get many errors while using the new libraries and you have to overcome them to become a successful Python developer. 

Make new projects and practice to write codes, implement new technologies and libraries. The everyday particle will make you better and help you to become a beginner to professional python developer.

6. Learn version control

Without learning version control, you can’t be a successful developer. However, I am about all languages and developers.  

You have to learn about GitHub controls. Learn to create a repository, push the code, pull the code, making a pull request, etc. which will help you to update your code when you make changes in it. 

Also, you should create a requirnment.txt file in your project so people can know which version packages you have used. Maybe it is possible another version of that package doesn’t work with your project.  

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Well, it will take 5 to 10 minutes to read the above 6 sections but to implement it will take 2 to 3 years. So, without waiting start to build your own project on python. Improve your problem-solving skills and every time learns new things.

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