Best anonymous Web Browser for Hackers

Anonymity in Different Browsers

Whenever we here about Anonymity in different browser the first question comes in our mind is that “Aren’t all browsers anonymous?”. And the simple answer to that question is “No, not all browsers are anonymous.” Each browser window has some sections, And those sections are responsible for privacy and security. So maybe we can say that anonymity is inbuilt and basic. Chrome, Opera, Explorer, and their alternatives have Download protection, tracking prohibition, Filtering of URLs, etc. But you can’t consider those browsers as completely anonymous. 

How to identify the anonymous browser?

You can consider a browser secure only if it serves users better privacy and confidentiality. Most of the famous browsers are trustworthy; They were usually made to serve federal goals to you. In this article, we are going to review some of the best secure web browsers and also discuss about pros and cons of those browsers.

List of all browsers

  1. Tor
  2. Idyll Browser of Utopia p2p
  3. Epic Browser
  4. Waterfox
  5. Comodo Dragon
  6. Iron
  7. Brave

1. TOR

TOR is one of the best secure web browser. The proxy servers which form a secure chain lies in this browser’s core. Provide a Genuine secure communication to users is the main purpose of this browser. The browsing was so challenging so that TOR converted it in-to the go to software for surfing darknet. And for those who don’t know about darknet and deep web, the information you are getting from google, yahoo or from any other search engine is only 4-5% of total internet and the other 95% information/data are inside these deep web and dark web.

When you are browsing from Tor then you are protected from browser fingerprinting. Tor doesn’t save your browser history. It saves cookies but use them only during the session. The best part or you can say heart of tor is Onion routing

Still there are some drawbacks of Tor…

  • Low download speed
  • Potential connections to governments
  • There are some chances of breaking website because of script blocking

Supported in macOS, Windows, and almost all of the Linux distributions.

2. Idyll Browser of Utopia p2p

Idyll browser is a fundamental part of Utopia. Utopia is a p2p encrypted environment that includes more than the browser: uMessenger, uWallet, uMail, Mining Bot, etc. This browser is completely ads and tracking-free. User’s IP, location, and lots of other data remain confidential. 

Blockchain technology and a very advanced encryption system lie in its core. Also, registration on Utopia doesn’t require personal data of users like name, phone or email, etc. The unique p2p network and elliptic curves provide privacy and security to its Users. Utopia never stores information on a central server. That’s why data leakage and invasion of privacy are hardly possible on Utopia. 

Supported in almost all of the Linux distributions, macOS and Windows

3. Epic Browser

Epic is one of the best anonymous web browsers for Windows and macOS users. While browsing on epic browser you can make sure one thing that trackers and third-party software don’t have any access to your data or any sensitive files. It doesn’t save your browser history, and the private mode always active by default. Epic doesn’t utilize DNS prefetching so the client’s area stays secret. 

Besides, publicists can’t utilize focusing by the geo, and you will not get diverted by irritating promotions. The program stops this sort of control when you see the ads so that you can not get distracted. Epic squares treats consequently, so various sites will not ask you a similar inquiry thinking about their Cookies Policy. Whenever chrome automatically translates your data it analyses what do you read and how do you think. But Epic doesn’t do auto-translate your data. So what you are reading or thinking is completely confidential

Supported in macOS and Windows

4. Waterfox

Waterfox is a secure alternative to Firefox web browser. When it’s come to private web browsing this browser is one of the best solutions for that.

Some settings that makes it different from firefox:

  • Integration with the pocket is not enabled
  • Information doesn’t report to Mozilla.
  • Encoded(Encrypted) media extensions are disabled.

The web browsing of Waterfox is Untraceable so that the data of user like password, history, etc deleted automatically. It blocks the hidden trackes automatically so that history data can not be gathered by others. 

Supported in macOS, Windows and also supported in linux.

5. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a chromium-based web browser. When it’s about privacy Comodo dragon is one of the best web browsers that provides advanced privacy to its users. Comodo blocks cookies as other anonymous browsers. What makes this program diverse is an innovation empowering the differentiation of the feeble and powerful SSL declarationsSSL is a component that is answerable for the encryption and further exchange of the informational index from a worker to a program and tight clamp versa. Various SSLs don’t serve the client’s security so that accepting the source is significant for any program asserted as mysterious.

At the point when Comodo sorts out the SSL, it secures the private data you notice on a website page. There is antivirus software installed alongside the downloading of the browser. The equivalent is for the Comodo Web Security Essentials module, which is intended to ensure clients from MITM(Man In The Middle) attacks.

Supported in Windows & macOS


Iron is a secure and chromium-based web browser. The designers contrast it to Google Chrome is an apparatus that has consolidated the very best highlights to without security issues for the client.

The central matter is that Iron doesn’t report data about the client’s exercises to Google. Additionally, it rejects an identifier that makes it simpler to perceive the client. Iron’s interface is a ton like Chrome.

Iron contains default ad blocker so it’s easy to focus on your own work while surfing the web.

Setting up the program through the design document appears to be questionable. Iron handicaps the computerized updates and instruments that permit distinguishing the client here and there.

Given Iron’s expressed spotlight on taking out excess components, it’s astounding that the program has some pre-introduced and non-secure expansions.

Supported in Windows & macOS

7. Brave

Brave is an open-source software – anyone can change its source code and can make it the way they like. This browser is more focused on android-based devices. As all anonymous browsers, it also blocks ads and trackers.

The “new private” tabs copy the site stacking by a new client. A different arrangement of treats and interior highlights are made for such a tab, which isn’t accessible for other open tabs.

The firm high ground is that Brave incorporates a pick in promotion blocker, yet you may think that it’s overwhelming to sort it out on the versatile. Blockers shield your eyes against promotion-driven popups and damaging infections. This alternative recoveries the battery of your telephone since you don’t squander the charge on futile business vids and media.

Over 10 million individuals surf the Internet secretly every day through Brave; this program empowers unmatched unknown correspondence on the portable. Introduce for your gadget to appreciate the right to speak freely!

Supported in Windows & macOS and also in linux.


No browsers are completely anonymous. Every browsers has pros and cons, so you should think about your priority and choose according to that priorities. In this blog we saw many different browsers all of them have different pros and cons so select the one which satisfies your priorities. 

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