Best Cloud Service Provider in India

Cloud computing is not an unknown word for people who run the website on the internet. As many businesses are moving towards digital platforms, the demand for cloud computing is increasing and which is full fil by the cloud service provider. 

Cloud computing allows you to take a whole server on rent from the cloud service provider instead of buying it. You can use databases, networking, servers, storage, software, business intelligence, and analytics as much as you want. The company will take charge of you according to how much you have used. 

There are different types of cloud-like public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, etc. According to their type, each service has different specifications. When anyone uses the cloud service it can reduce the cost to build the infrastructure of the server, increase the speed, Deploy the app or website globally to expand your business, etc. Moreover, you will find more benefits on the internet to use cloud computing. 

Top Cloud service provider companies

In the market, you will find more than 100 companies that can provide you cloud service but all are not reliable. We have sorted out some of the best which provides the best service and you can afford it.  Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

1. Google Cloud platform

google cloud

In recent years, Google cloud has extended its services and grown more. For India, the good news is that Google is building the data center in Mumbai which can increase the performance, latency, and speed of the cloud service. 

Google cloud platform provides a wide range of services and infrastructure so that you can run any type of application and even though on a single server you can run more applications. GCP offering many management components such as machine learning, data storage, data analytics, and cloud computing.

If you are not experienced to use Google cloud service then you can use free $300 credit for the one year to test the service. Also, if you are a beginner in development then you can take benefit of this service. 

2. Amazon web service (AWS)


Amazon web service is at the top on the market in the cloud service provider. It is a giant platform to host your application. Also, it offers most of the cloud features to its users such as data storage, virtual private server, virtual machines to ML, and IoT solutions. 

Nowadays, the public cloud service of AWS is in more demand. By using the AWS user can increase the performance of the applications, decrease the cost of servers, and take many advantages at the very cheapest rate. 

However, AWS provides a better service than the Google cloud platform. It allows user to run their applications and website efficiently. Furthermore, AWS provides you different types of services such as SaaS and Pass. You can use any one of them according to your requirements.

You can use a one-year free tier to be familiar with the Amazon web service. After one year you have to pay an average cost of $12 per month. Rather, it depends on how many services you are using. 

3. Digital ocean

Digital Ocean

The Digital Ocean provides a limited managed service to their user at the very cheapest rate. Rather digital ocean is not a worldwide famous service like AWS and GCP but it is efficient for who runs the small business and small apps or websites. If you need big servers and databases then you should go for the above 2 cloud service providers.

It is a very scalable and reliable platform.  For small applications and websites, it will give you better performance, better speed, and global deployment. The price for the digital ocean cloud service is very low. You can also compare with any other companies like GCP, Azure, and AWS. Moreover, you will get the best customer support service if you stuck anywhere to deploy the app or manage the database. One best thing about the Digital ocean is that UI. It is very easy to use.

While using Digital ocean you have to pay extra for the droplets. IAM and CDN service of the digital ocean is not efficient. It needs improvement.

4. SiteGround


It provides the best-shared hosting service but it also provides cloud hosting with that. SiteGround cloud service is not cheap as Digital ocean but according to price, you will get the best service. Pricing of the SiteGround cloud hosting starts from $80 per month.

In the cloud hosting service of the SiteGround you will get 2 CPU Cores, 4GB Memory, 40GB SSD Space, 5TB Data Transfer, Fully Managed Servers, Free CDN & Multiple Locations, Daily Backups. These are the main features that you get in the cloud service. 

There are lots of benefits to using the SitGround cloud service platform. The load time of the apps is very low when you deploy on SiteGround. Customer support is really good and helpful. You will get a free CDN and SSL certificate. Hosting providers give you a guarantee of 99.99% uptime. You will find all the features with the hosting from beginner to advance. 

At last, if you are still not satisfied with the service of the SiteGround you can take your money back in 30 days. 

5. Hostgator


You can start using the cloud computing service of Hostgator by paying only 499 INR per month. However, you can get back it in 45 days if you don’t like the service. 

Hostgator has different cloud plans according to features and budget such as business cloud, and baby cloud, etc. Mainly Hostgator is the most popular to buy a domain name. Rather, it also offering a hosting service so you can buy both for your business. 

Like other hosting providers, the load time of Hostgator is low, cheap rate, best customer support, and 99.99% uptime, etc.  


Here, we have suggested all types of cloud hosting provider companies. You have to consider your budget, what features you need, and application or website size before choosing any of the cloud services. 

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