Copy/Paste Hindi Fonts From Pdf Or Image

What is the problem?

Once, I am making some posts for my Instagram account and I need to copy Hindi fonts from one pdf to my image on adobe illustrator. I was enjoying making that post but when I copy some Hindi fonts from the pdf and past them on adobe illustrator, I observed some sudden changes in the fonts. You can see in the below image what happened.

Image Of Pdf

pdf hindi fonts

Image Of Pasted Text In Notepad

Notepad hindi fonts

Why did this happen with Hindi fonts?

This problem happens due to Hindi Unicode characters.  Now, the question arises that what is Unicode? So, Unicode is the standard universal character encoding system. It defines how we can represent each character in all types of files like text files, documents, and word files. 

Each computer comes with the pre-built English Unicode character because English is an international language. So that we can type and copy-paste English on every computer.  When we talk about Hindi Unicode characters it doesn’t come with the pre-built in every computer because Hindi is not an international language but it’s India’s national language. So, we have to set up it first and we will do that in this article.

 When you will copy any regional language in your clipboard which has not a standard Unicode character, it misses some Unicode character and you will get a garbage thing when you paste it. So, we don’t have to do a direct copy in the clipboard but we will copy it a different way. 

If you want to know how you can do that then go through step by step guide which is given in the solution part. Remember that don’t miss any step in the solution part otherwise you will fail to do it. 

Here, you can check Unicode for a particular Hindi letter.

Solution For Hindi Fonts

When this problem occurred with Hindi fonts at a time of making Instagram posts, I search everywhere on the Internet browser or youtube but I didn’t find the proper solution that I want.

Everywhere it showing that how we can copy internet Hindi font in the word file, illustrator, photoshop and in any other software. Here, I will show you how you can copy Hindi fonts from the pdf which is on your local computer to anywhere without changing.

Main fundamental thing is that you have to change the pdf to a JPEG image and you have to upload it on your google drive. After that, you have to open it with google docs. From Google docs, you can copy wherever you want it will not produce any garbage things like before. Before past Hindi font in your pc, you must have to install any Hindi fonts on your computer.

Now, let’s follow step by step procedure. 

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Step 1 (Scanning and copying hindi fonts)

If you want to copy fonts from the image then you have already done this step. You are finding a solution for the pdf Hindi fonts then you have to convert the whole pdf into images. To do that you can convert it via any online pdf to image converter. So, simply select any one tool from here

Now upload your pdf there and download it from there. Most probably you will get a zip file of the Images and extract them. To extract the zip file you can follow this way. right click>>Extract Here. If you want to extract your all images in any particular folder then also you can do that.

Step 2

After converting all pdf pages into separate JPEG files you have to upload them on google drive. If you don’t know how to open google drive then open a new tab in your chrome web browser, log in to your google account. Now, In the new tab, you will find 9 dots on the right side in the tab which shows the google app and from that, you can open your google drive.

Now, left side on the top you will find a dropdown menu with the title my drive. Click on my drive>>upload files. Either you can select a whole folder of images to upload it or you can upload each image one by one. It’s your choice.

Step 3

Now, just open all images one by one with google docs. To open it with google docs do on the image right click>>open with>>google docs. You can also see this step in the given below image. It will take a few moments to load the docs file but not more than a minute.

google docs

Finally, we have converted pdf to docs without copying Hindi fonts into the clipboard means via scanning. Maybe you will not get the proper format but According to my opinion, you should definitely get proper fonts.

Here we have done how to copy Hindi fonts but still, you are not able to past it in any software which is on your computer. To do that follow the next steps.

Now, It’s time to check that our method is properly working or not. Just copy fonts from the google docs file and paste it into your chrome browser to check. you will get same to same fonts which are in your google docs file. If you will do this from pdf you will get garbage. Fine, the over method is working properly.

Step 4 (Pasting Hindi Fonts)

After 3 successful steps, we have come on step four to past the fonts. You can paste Hindi fonts in every software if you already have any single Hindi fonts on your computer then you have done and you can skip this article to read. In this, I will show you how to install Hindi fonts on your local computer.

Without installing Hindi fonts in your computer, If you will paste Hindi text in any software you will find dumb things like a square and you won’t be able to read any things. To install follow the below procedure.

How To Install Hindi Fonts

There are many popular Hindi fonts available on the internet like Mangal, Krutidev. Here, I will not guide you about which font is better. You can check it on the internet. I am putting some links to the website which provide the Hindi fonts to download.

Check websites

When you will download any font you will get a zip file of that particular font. Now, you have to extract it and you don’t know how to extract it than I have given a guide in step 1. After extracting the file you will get one .ttf file. You have to install it. To do that Right-click on file >> Install for all users. 

Close all apps and refresh your computer once and open any software, search that font you will find it.

install hindi fonts

Now, You have installed font on your computer and ready to paste Hindi fonts which we have copied from google docs. Now paste font in any software like Microsoft word, adobe photoshop or notepad. If you will get garbage then select all text and change the fonts of it to which you have already installed.

We have overcome the problem to copy any regional language from the pdf. Let’s put the eyes on how we can copy any regional fonts which are on the internet and paste into the computer.

hindi fonts

Copy / Paste Internet Hindi Fonts To Your Computer

When you will see any Hindi text on the internet which is not a real Hindi fonts but it’s a Unicode. So, You will copy any Hindi text from the internet and paste it on your pc you will again find dumb things.


As a solution, we have to convert that Unicode to any Hindi fonts. For that offline tool available but I suggest that go for online tools. At the online place, you will find special converters for Unicode to particular popular fonts. 

Convert Unicode to any font which you have pre-installed on your computer. Now, copy converted fonts and paste them wherever you want. You will get perfect results.

Check converter

In the Image, you will find Unicode at the below part and converted fonts in the above section.

Copy / Paste Hindi Fonts to Adobe Illustrator

For most apps just install fonts is enough but for illustrator, you have to do some extra work for 2 minutes.

Sometimes it happens that rather than pre-installed Hindi fonts, In the illustrator it not works properly. To set up that just go Edit >> Preferences >> Type. Here, you will see one dialog box.

Check the Indic Options. Put your eyes on the below Image if you don’t understand.

copy paste hindi fonts to illustrator

Now, Restart your, illustrator. You are ready to write and paste

Last Words

I hopefully believe that this article is helpful to you guys to solve your problems related to copy past Hindi and any other regional languages.

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