Download Instagram Video, Photo, IGTV In Android/PC.

People are communicating with other people through social media. The major social application  is Instagram. These apps provide users to upload photos/videos, stories on the platform and watch others content. Now and again we discover a photograph or a video that we want to save on our phone, But sadly, Instagram doesn’t permit its users to save. 

 We find a photo or a video that we are willing to save on our phone, But instagram doesn’t permit its users to save.

In that case, We normally use screen recording/screenshots to record videos/ photos. But this method is not good at all. Because we loss the quality of that photo. So today I’m going to show you multiple methods to download any of the Instagram photos or videos from your android phone or PC.

Download Photo, Video, IGTV for – Android

Here I have provided some options for downloading on your android devices. But before going through apps, there are some steps that should be followed.

1. Open Instagram and select your photo, video, or reels.

2. Click on the three dots present above the photo.

3. Now click on copy the link. 

Note: There are lots of applications in the play store. You can choose any of them. I have selected some most preferred and helpful applications.

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1. Download Through IGRAM:

A simple way to download your content is the website iGRAM. It provides all the downloading features for Instagram. You just have to paste the link to your favorite photo. 

Get your liked photo, video by just putting the link.

2. Using DownloadGram:

Here is another website for your need. It is fast, relevant, and reliable for your use.

It basically permits you to through the links you need into a site and downloads the outcomes. Here’s a fast overview of the means you’ll require: 

  • Open Instagram on your gadget and discover the picture you need to download. 
  • Tap the symbol over the picture (three vertical dabs). 
  • Select the “Duplicate Link” alternative. 
  • Visit DownloadGram’s site at
  • Paste the link into the content box (long press and tap “Paste”). 
  • Tap “Download” which is trailed by “Download picture.”

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3. Android APP: InstaPP

  1. Download  InstaPP from the link.
  2. Enter the Instagram name in the location bar field and hit the “Go” button.
  3.  It will show the full goal picture and to download a picture, tap the button “Download This Picture” at the bottom.
  4. The pictures will be saved in an organizer named “InstaPP” on your device.

Download Photo, Video, IGTV for – PC

There are few methods for downloading your photo, videos, reels through a laptop/PC.

1) Changing Source Code

2) Using Online Source

3) Browser Extensions

Method 1: Source Code

Did you realize that there’s a method to review the source code of the Instagram video page? Have you ever seen any source code?. Indeed, it doesn’t’ actually matter what it is, and you don’t have to stretch your imagination. Since all you’re searching for here that will allow you to download the video straightforwardly to your PC. Here are how you do it.

  • Open the video you’d prefer to download on Instagram.
  • Right click and pick ‘inspect element‘ or ‘view page source‘, depending upon the particular program that you’re using. 
  • Press Ctrl+F to open the ‘find’ menu 
  • Type in .mp4 into the container, and the hunt will return a part of the code 
  • Search for a hyperlinked piece of code that is close to ‘src=’ and closes with .mp4. 
  • Select this, and paste it using Ctrl+C and afterward glue it into your program utilizing Ctrl+P.

The video will play in the window. Basically right click and select ‘save video as’ to download the video to your PC’s hard drive 

This may sound somewhat easy, yet whenever you have a doubt you’ll think that it’s not as hard as it looks. In case you’re not used to consoling easy routes you may have somewhat expecting to absorb information. However, generally speaking, it’s an attempt and tried the technique to download Instagram recordings on PC with numerous clients.

Method 2: Online Source

The other chance that you incline toward a more preferred approach to download Instagram recordings on PC or Mac. There are various online arrangements that can work for you. We’ve picked Ingramer to impart to you. It’s absolutely free, established on the superb enemy of industrialist standards. And capacities with all significant social stages just as Instagram. Here’s the manner by which it works.

  • Open the above given website 
  • In another tab, open Instagram and explore the video (or photograph) you’d prefer to download. 
  • Feature the URL in your program bar that shows when you’re seeing the video, and duplicate it utilizing either right snap and ‘paste’, or the console easy way Ctrl+C
  • Return to the site page and paste the URL into the bar, utilizing either right snap and ‘glue’ or the console alternate route Ctrl+P
  • Hit the search button and your video will in a flash download to your machine

We’ve attempted Ingramer with Instagram, YouTube and it works easily and rapidly with no issues on every one of them. On the site, it states it likewise works with Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more as well. So in case you’re thinking about how to download Instagram recordings or some other kind of video, this is the site to trust.

Method 3: Browser Extensions

The one final strategy we needed to impart to you is to utilize web extensions to encourage your download. There are a couple of various downloaders out there, so don’t hesitate to investigate your own answers. Yet for the motivations behind this instructional exercise, we’ve picked Instagram Downloader as a simple choice. Here’s the manner by which you use it.

  • Go to the Chrome web store and search Instagram Downloader, or click here to go to the page straightforwardly. Macintosh clients should introduce Chrome in the event that you as a rule peruse utilizing Safari. 
  • Click ‘add to Chrome’ in the upper right of the screen to introduce this extra for your program. You may have to restart Chrome for it to begin working 
  • Go to Instagram and discover any video or photo you’d prefer to download to your PC. You’ll see some new symbols in the upper right of the picture.
  • Hit the download symbol, it will split second save that picture or video from Instagram to your PC or Mac

Once you’ve downloaded your chosen video to your PC, you can decide to move them to your iPhone or iPad either utilizing iTunes or without.

Presently you realize how to download Instagram recordings, do ensure you are doing so mindfully. Instagram view copyright and security appropriately, so you should not share or rearrange it without the consent of the creator. On the off chance that you do share it, ensure you plainly specify the maker in your work. 

You would now be able to download Instagram recordings on PC and Mac and can move them to any of your cell phones as well. Tell us which strategy turned out best for you. Or in the event that you are aware of another way we’ve not yet referenced.

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