Guide TO Make Your Own Website Using Website Builder

It takes less than 6 hours to make an attractive website for beginners. Yes, you have heard the right. If you have not knowledge of the coding languages even though you can make your own website in a couple of hours. However, a Coding website takes more time to build.

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Here, we will use free website builders such as WordPress, Wix, or Site123, etc. It is not a tough task to build the site using the website builder. They provide you lots of themes and you have to select one of them according to the niche of your site. After selecting the theme you can simply create the website pages by drag and drop the elements and your website will be live on the internet in a couple of hours.

Here, I have written some steps and explained each of them very well so that you can make the perfect decision.

Steps to make your own website

1. What is a domain name and how to choose it?

Simply, you have to choose a unique name in the world for the site. For example, you are now on the domain name. However, you can choose the domain name with .in, .org or with other extensions but you have to keep some things in mind before you choose the domain name. 

  1.  Try to select the .com extension with your domain name because it can attract a global audience and another extension for the personal or business website is not trustworthy. Rather than for the organization, you can select the .org domain extension.
  2. In the domain name, you must have to use your brand name so that people can easily search the website easily on the internet. Also, your domain name should be short so that people can easily type on their browser and find you via the website.
  3. Make sure the domain name is easy to pronounce and spell is simple. If the domain name is not available which you need then you should add an extra keyword followed by your brand name but don’t remove a brand name from the domain name.
  4. However, you can use the domain generators to choose the right domain name. Here, you can check that your favorite domain is available or not.

Now, after finding the domain name successfully, you have to register it. If you are a beginner and creating your first site then you should not pay for the domain name registration. However, With the free domain name, you will get a subdomain of the platform from where you choose a free domain. 

To create the site for your brand you should pay for the domain name and we suggest you buy the domain name from the same platform where you buy a hosting service.

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2. How to choose a hosting service?

Note:- For free services you can go to the next section where we will use a free site builder.

In the market, you will get paid hosting services and free hosting services. Do you know which one you have to choose? Ok, let me explain you.

You have to ask some questions yourself. For what you are creating the site, Personal website, or brand site? For a personal site, you should not buy paid hosting service. A free hosting service is enough to handle the load on your website. 

Moreover, you should choose a hosting plan according to how much monthly traffic you will drive to your website. Before buying a hosting service check the customer support of the hosting provider. If it is not responsive then you should avoid that hosting service. If your brand is bigger and you have more community then you have to choose particular types of web hosting by focusing on your budget. Here, you will get a full guide about web hosting and the types of web hosting.

At last, after choosing the web hosting service provider to buy any site builder hosting plan while focusing on the above guide.

3. Use website builder to create site

I hope you have registered a free or paid domain name and web hosting. Now, it’s time to build some pages on your website and make it attractive or responsive. If you have a pre-built coding web app then you can directly host it. 

First, you have to choose the theme for your site and activate it. When you activate the theme, it comes with default settings so you have to set colors, menus, header, and footer, etc. to your site. 

Now, to build the pages we will use the website builder. Rather,  you haven’t bought a web hosting plan then you can use the free services of the website builders. However, it allows you to use limited features. To use premium features you must have to pay for that. 

Now, create some pages using the site builder such that contact us, about us, and the front page. Finally, you have started to build your first site. If you are still confused to build a website then some site builder will help you to create your site automatically.

here, you can choose the best free site builder

4. Add content to your website

After, creating the pages on your site, the main thing is that upload more and more content regularly. So, your visitors can know what types of content you are providing and they will visit your site again.

To get more traffic on your site, you have to create unique and quality content. Make sure you are not plagiarising other website’s content. Also, you should focus on the SEO of the article or post. Try to focus on a single keyword and add it to the title, headings, and text of your post. 

5. Share the website with your friends

After creating the site and posting the content on it, you have to promote it on every social media platform to get more traffic. You can share it with your friends and family member. Another way is that you can create social media account for your brand on every platform and give updates to your site’s visitors about every post. 

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Now, you know that create a website is not a tough task. Simply you have to buy a domain and hosting or you can use free service and choose a theme and website builder. Now, you are able to create pages and articles. Your website is ready to share in 5 simple steps. 

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