How To Block Ads On Youtube.

Need To Block Ads:

As the generation is become faster, the way of living is also changed. In all this way, people are becoming digital and gaining knowledge from different platforms. Platform such as YouTube, where one can gain information by watching videos. But YouTube are having ads that waste your time. Nowadays, the number of ads is increased by YouTube. As per the study, YouTube ranked second in giving most ads after Facebook. Block ads in youtube will help to enjoy ad-free service.

To enjoy uninterrupted service, we have given some methods through which you can block ads on YouTube for mobile and desktop user.

For Android Users:

1. Download YouTube Vanced:

For enjoying non-stop entertainment without un-interrupted service, you can download an application name Youtube Vanced. 

First, you have to visit and download vanced manager. 

Open vanced manager and select both option.

Choose the non-rooted option.

Click on install Vanced MicroG and for some time.

Now install Youtube Vanced.

Watch ad-free video with youtube vanced.

Features of Vanced:

  •  Ads-free videos
  • Play video in the background
  • Dark mode is also available

2. Download Ad Blocker.

You have to download a new browser name Adblocker Browser. It is available on play store.

Simply you have to install the browser. You can freely watch videos on youtube without any ads.

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For Desktop User

There are lots of ways for desktop to block ads. From which we have given some useful and easy methods.

1. Chrome Extension.

Here we have chrome extension for chrome user. Now you can enjoy youtube videos ad free by downloading chrome extension

There are different extension in chrome which you can download. All will perform same operation of adblocking. It is very helpful for desktop user. Simply download and enjoy your service.

These service will bock pop-ups, banner ads and in-video ads.

2. Changing URL.

It is a stupid trick introduce by Redditors. In this method, you have to put a full stop(.) after .com in URL for the video you want to watch.

It works more smoothly in desktop or any browser as you need to change the url.

It seems that it stucks in specific programs. In my tests, it worked in Google Chrome on both Mac desktop and Android, just as in Chromium-based programs like the new form of Microsoft Edge and the non-Chromium Safari. This technique does not work in Firefox, where embeddings the time frame just returned to the YouTube landing page.

3. Another Way.

There’s another method to appreciate ad free YouTube recordings. We don’t urge you to utilize it routinely as the best activity is to assist content makers with bringing in cash from their persistent effort. Be that as it may, as this is an actually conceivable approach to eliminate advertisements on YouTube, we’re additionally remembering it for our rundown. 

It’s straightforward. Go to the ViewPure site, at that point reorder the URL of the YouTube video you need to observe advertisement free. That is it, the site will tackle its work naturally and you can simply watch the video with no irritating interferences.

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