Monetize Instagram: Ways To Earn From Instagram

These days billions of peoples are using Instagram social media apps and maybe you are one of them. Here, the below image shows the statistics of Instagram’s daily traffic. As you can see in the image Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users and 95 million+ photos uploaded daily by users. Monetize Instagram account is not so hard this year. From 2 billion people more than 2 million people have monetized their Instagram account.

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If you are passionate to earn money digitally and from home then you have to think once about to monetize Instagram. Here, we have provided step by step guide to monetize Instagram account and a way to earn from it.

How many followers do you need?

It doesn’t need too many followers. Yes, you have heard right. You can monetize Instagram account even with 1k to 2K follower. It isn’t a must you have 10k or 100k followers.

Obviously,  you can start earning from this moment with 1k followers but that follower should not be fake. All followers must engage with your Instagram account.

Value of 100K fake followers < 1k engaged followers.

As your follower will increase your engagement ratio will decrease but still, it should between 1% to 3.5%. You can check your account’s engagement rate online. There are lots of websites available to check it.

  • Less than 1% = low engagement rate 
  • Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate 
  • Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate 
  • Above 6% = very high engagement rate 

Here, you can see which engagement rate is best for you according to your follower. Observe the image below.

monetize instagram

Proven ways to Monetize Instagram

1. Instagram sponsored post

An Instagram-sponsored post is just like a simple post that is created and published by an influencer in their own account and they take charge from the brand. You can also be an influencer from this moment and you can start publishing a sponsored posts and earn money.

To find the sponsored post you have to reach any brand via direct contacts like Instagram private messenger, email and contact number. After that, you have to decide how many posts you will publish in your account for them and how much charge you will take.

Obviously, you will get a reward according to your follower. I suggest you publish sponsored post to make a minimum of 1k followers. Most brands pay $5 to $10 per post per 1k follower. 

After deciding the payment methods and all other things you have to publish a post with the tag “Paid partnership with @brand_username”. So, that brand can know you have published a post in your account.

To tag your brand as a business partner you have to add it as a business partner. GO to Settings -> Business -> Branded content -> Approved Business Partners -> add your brand account. 

Here, you can calculate how much you can charge as an influencer per sponsored post according to your engagement ratio and followers.

Finally, you are ready to publish sponsored post. Either you can find brand via direct contact or there are lots of website available which connects influencer and brands from where you can find the brand.

2. Selling Instagram accounts

Selling an Instagram account is not a hard thing for you if you have an Instagram account with enough followers with satisfied engagement rate.

First of all, you have to make an Instagram account on a particular niche like meme page, General knowledge page, motivational page, travel, fashion & beauty, food, bike & cars. Grow it, increase followers by regularly posting posts and increase engagement ratio by making attractive content. According to my opinion, you have to choose a niche in which you are interested.

Once, you will get enough followers then you can sell it. Buyers pay an average of $3000 for 50k followers. Also, it depends on your niche. If your niche is related to business and marketing then you can get double or triple than average.

To sell your account you can contact buyers from the private message. Here, some website which will help you to find buyers for your account and it will take commission charge like 2% to 5%.

Another way is that you can buy the Instagram account from anyone and make it more powerful by growing it for 4 to 5 months and sell it. This idea is not so bad for you.

So, what are you waiting for!!! make an Instagram account and start to publish a post on it buyers are waiting to pay you.

3. Digital marketing

In other words, digital marketing means online marketing. There are many different types of digital marketing but affiliate marketing and network marketing are 2 major types of it.

In affiliate marketing, you have to sell other brands’ products via your referral and you will get some commission of the owner’s earning. Network marketing is the same as affiliate marketing but you will get some more commission than affiliate marketing. Here, you can check the difference between both.

Till now, the Amazon Associate program is the biggest affiliate program. You can also open an Amazon affiliate account and promote it on any social media platform. When user will buy any product from your affiliate link, you will get a commission between 1% to 10% based on the product category.

Amazon associate program is low commission paying program but in the market, there are lots of affiliate program available which pays 80% commission. Believe me, you have heard right.

To do affiliate marketing and network marketing you must have enough skills to convince your customer for buying the product otherwise you will not get any result. As you will sell more as you will get more commission.

4. Product Advertising

Product advertising is the same way to monetize Instagram account like a sponsored post.

To do product advertising you must have enough followers like more than 10k otherwise you will not get enough results and reward both. You have to contact the brand and ask them if they are interested to do a promotion of their product. If yes, then decide payment and what you will do for them.

For product advertising, you can make video posts or image posts and recommend to your audience to buy that product. You will get more money in video posts but if you don’t want to show your face to the public then you can promote the product by image post.

If you have fewer followers like between 1k to 30k then you can promote local brands’ products. As your followers increase, you can promote an international brand also.

5. IGTV Ads

IGTV ads are the new way to monetize Instagram account for creators. Just like YouTube, Instagram will pay you according to your video views. Ads will pop up when click to watch an IGTV video. 

By the way, IGTV ads features are not yet come to India. In the developed country like the UK, Us, Australia, etc. IGTV ads feature has been launched since 2018. In upcoming years this feature will also launch in India.

Might be you can’t generate revenue as high as YouTube but getting something is better than getting nothing.

6. Integrate Instagram shop to your online store

The Instagram shop feature is just amazing for digital marketers. You can integrate your online store with an Instagram shop and sell products to your audience.

To set up shop features Instagram has its own criteria and you must eligible for that. Here, step by step guide given by Instagram to set up your shop. Also, your product must eligible to put into the shop.

By using Instagram shop features you can sell e-books, clothes, jewelry, and many other things. This is a simple way to work from home. Post your product’s attractive catalog so that your audience can be eager to buy your product.

In affiliate marketing and network marketing, you will promote others’ products but here you will promote your owns the product. You will work for yourself by Instagram shop feature.

7. Find freelancer clients

If you have specific skills like video editing, Image editing, article writing, and many more then you can show your skills to your audience by publishing posts on Instagram. If anyone has work which you can do for them then it will pay you and you will do work for it. This way you can work and earn from home.

So, continuously post your work on Instagram so people can know your skills and you will get more work. Also, give new offers to your clients so they provide work to you instead of other freelance workers.

8. Offer Instagram account handling service

Today, many busy people or organizations choose a person to handle their Instagram account. You can join anyone if they are interested in your service and you will be paid for that.

In this service, you have to handle messages of the people in their Instagram account, you have to post content regularly, and do many other things which your client says you.

It’s not easy to find such a type of client because you should have some skills like video editing and image editing before you provide such types of services.

9.Teach people what you know

If you have some specific skills and knowledge then you can spread that into your audience and from that, your follower will increase. After that, you can do above all things and make more money.

By video post, you will get more followers but still, if you are shy and don’t want to show your face to the public then you can make image posts. Furthermore, you can make a meme page, motivational page, business page.

suppose if you have knowledge of the stock market then you can guide your audience on which stock they should buy or sell.

By this method, your engagement rate will increase and that will be more beneficial for you.


There is no any direct way to earn money without doing hard work from Instagram. To get enough rewards, you must grow your account.

So, don’t wait and start growing your Instagram account.

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