Top 5 Backup Apps: Free Apps To Backup Your Device

If I talk about any data then it is important for everyone whether it is personal data or commercial data. Just as each person dies at any time, like machine can be crash at any time. each human makes a slip-up and since of that information will be compromised. If anything wrong happens with your data then you have to be prepared and careful. So, you need backup apps to generate extra copies of your important data. 

backup apps

Pros of data backup

  1. No data loss
  2. Fast Restoration
  3. Free up device space
  4. Recovery option on system failures
  5. Save money and time
  6. Secure your data from trojan

Why You need backup apps or backup software?

Most people are using computer devices and mobile phones but anyone doesn’t know how data backup is important.

Please, consider one thing “System will not ask you before it crashes, data will not ask you before you lose it.” Data loss is one kind of disaster so you must have to prepare before this type of disaster will happen.

Here, are some reasons to use backup apps or software to protect your data.  

1. To prevent data loss

Just ask one question yourself. “Can you afford any kind of data loss suddenly?” Obviously answer is No. Data backup apps will help you to restore your important files and data if you have already taken a backup of your data. Now, you need not worry if your Hard drive or whole system crashes. 

2. All human makes an error

I know you or your employee are perfect to handle your system that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes.

Machine can’t make a mistake but Every person makes a silly mistake and that can be changed in whole database loss. It might be happening due to data loss, you also lose your company, business, or clients.

These mistakes cab be corrected if you have taken a backup of your data. So, use data backup apps and overcome human mistakes. 

3. Technological failures

Technology has flourished over the last 2 decades. Most businesses and people are doing paper-free work by using computer systems. So, people stores all important files and documents either on a computer or mobile phones.

The problem is system crashes eventually and you will be surprised with data loss. Moreover, if a virus or trojan enters your device then it also crashes. Sometimes, you will suffer from hard disk failure. It also happens, your laptop will hang and it will stop working. 

At this time if you have data backup then you can continue your work otherwise you can’t ask questions to your system like “Why you failed without asking me?”

4. Restore data from everywhere

Generally, most people upgrade their computer or mobile phones after every 2 to 3 years of use as technology moves ahead. If you have not taken a backup of data then you have to move all files and data from the old device to the new one. It’s a very time-consuming process.

So, use backup apps and install all software, import all data from old to a new device with just a single click. Also, you can restore data in any system from everywhere. So, it doesn’t need to carry a hard disk everywhere. You need to make a single account at a remote place and back up your data remotely. Now, you can access it everywhere. Moreover, you can give permissions to a specific person to see your data.

There are many more reasons to back up your data but I think these are enough for you people to understand the importance of data backup.

At below, I have explained ways to backup your data.

Ways to backup your data

There are some ways to backup your data or the whole system. All ways explained with its own pros and cons. Some of them are easy to use, fast and secure. I have explained some ways here.  

1.USB Stick

Data backup with a USB stick is the easiest way. Today, in the market you will find a USB drive with a capacity of up to 2TB. USB data backup is not useful to business data or any companies data. You can obviously use it to backup personal data. Also, the USB stick is portable so you can carry it in your pocket.

Also, USB is compact and very cheap. It is affordable for everyone. There is a chance of lost USB due to its small size and then you will again lose your data.

2. Cloud storage

To back up, your data in cloud storage means backup data remotely or online. Cloud storage is the best way to keep your data safe. Also, all cloud storage service providers offer you some free space to backup your data. If you need more space then you need to pay for it.

Since data is at a remote location, you can access data from any device by logging in to your cloud storage account and with a proper internet connection. Also, backup is done automatically. You just need to set time periods between every backup.

There are lots of company offer cloud storage like I-cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Cloud, Microsoft drive, One drive, etc.

3. Network-attached storage (NAS)

Generally, this is not for personal use but if you running a business or company then you can install it. Installation of NAS is very expensive but it works like a small server.

Your companies all employee can backup data on a single NAS and any employee can access any data from there with permission. Means it is easy to share file across your whole network using NAS. Moreover, it can be operated wireless or wired according to your choice.

4. Use the printer

I know, this way is very old. Each coin has 2 sides as technology can be used for a better way or wrong way that’s what hackers are doing. 

If you find any kind of risk to store important data on computer or mobile then you should print it on paper and store it. So, hackers can’t stall it. By the way, you have to print that data on new paper after every 1 to 2 years but it will not leak from your side. 

Here, you can see the top 5 backup apps which provide free service.

Top 5 backup apps

1. Google backup

Google drive

Price :- Free/ $1.99 per month for 100GB

You will find Google has launched many apps and Google drive is one of them. Generally, most people are using Google’s apps for payment, Email, browser, chat (Hangout), online meet, etc. 

Google drive is our first pick in backup apps because mainly all android user have Google account. So, you don’t need to create any extra account to use Google drive. Also, Google’s all apps are safe, shield users’ information and respect users’ privacy. Furthermore, your Google account is synced with all apps so you’ll backup something  simply.

You can upload files and data to Google Drive and you can access it from any device after sign in to your Google account. Also, you can set permission for who can view or edit your data and who can’t. Main benefit to use Google is that If someone does any activity on your data then Google instantly notifies you by sending an email.

Google provides you 15 GB of free cloud storage per account where you can upload photos, files, other media, contacts, email, etc. If you need additional storage then you have to pay $1.99 per month for every 100GB of storage. 

2. Helium backup app

Helium backup

Price :- Free / $4.99

Helium is our second pick in backup apps. ClockworkMod has launched the Helium app for Android users to take backup of the whole system.

You don’t need to provide any kind of root permission when you will install the app. In the free version of the app, you can connect your computer to Android devices and take backup of the Android system in your computer. Also, you can backup your data into the SD card.

To remove ads and use cloud storage you must have to subscribe the premium version. Helium has not its own cloud storage but you can take backup in Google Drive, Box, Drop box, etc. Also, in the premium version, you can schedule the backup.

Android to Android sync premium feature of Helium is just awesome. You can sync 2 Android phones and transfer data like SMS, contacts, media, app accounts, and many more things. Also, you can enable the Wi-Fi option so that backup will occur only when your device is connected with the Wi-Fi.

3. Easy Backup

easy backup

Price:- Free

Many of you are facing problems with the contacts when you change your phone. Just think, if you can import your all contacts by a single click from old phone to new phone. Yes, you heard right. Easy Backup – Contacts Transfer and Restore app allows you to transfer contacts between 2 Android phones.

The app is made only for contact transfer and backup. You can’t do media or file backup in the app. Also, the app is ads-free. You can export your contact in a single file and share it between 2 devices via WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram, Google Drive, Skype, Telegram, etc. Also, you can transfer contacts between IOS and Android devices.

You have to just download the app for Android or IOS devices and create an account with Google or Facebook. Now,  backup your all contacts.  

4. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup

price : Free / $5.99

Titanium backup app is specially made for Android users. To use titanium backup you must have to access the root of your Android system and give some permission to the app. Titanium backup app is available in 32+ different languages. So, you can choose your region.

You can sync the app to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox and backup your files there.  It allows you to backup SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as an XML file. Also, you can make multiple backups for single data or app.

Titanium backup is one of the best powerful backup tools for Android devices. You can schedule a backup whole folder or particular files. Also, you can save data into the SD card, and when you need you can transfer it to the internal storage of your phone. As with an SD card you can store or backup files into the computer if the file is large. 

While using  Titanium backup you can backup multiple users’ data. So, if you will buy premium Titanium backup then your friend also can use that.

5. Super backup & restore

super backup

Price: Free

Super backup is one of the fastest backup apps. You can backup all things using a super backup & restore app including calendars, SMS, and MP3 audio. As you all people know, all backup apps allows you to backup large files into your computer or SD card, Super backup & restore do same.

When you need to format your device then you can take backup of the whole system into your SD card or computer using the Super backup & restore the app. The app contains ads so it might be painful for you people.

You can sync this app with cloud storage and schedule backup on availability or non-availability of Wi-Fi according to your need. Moreover, you can backup call recording and SMS automatically by synchronization.


I hope, you have understood the importance of backup. So, Take a backup of important data to be prepared for any disaster because it can happen at any time. Also, I have suggested the backup apps above which are best on our list. Select any of them and take backup of important documents and files.

If you are taking backup of personal data then you can use the free version of apps. For commercial use, you should go with the premium version to take benefit of advanced features.

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