Top 5 Free Website Builder In India

In the whole world, all the business owner wants to expand their business globally. For the small business owner that is not possible to open their business office or center in every city of every country. Then what is the solution for this problem? The solution is very simple. You can use a free website builder to make a small website for your business or company.  Every small website can give you global customers. 

As you all know, the quality of the paid tool is always better than the free tool. However, all free website builder is not worst and some of them provide good service. To build the website with a free website builder you don’t need the knowledge of coding. They will provide you simple framework and you have to drag and drop the things which you need. 

How to choose a free website builder?

Choosing the best website builder for your business website is an important and basic requirement. You have to note down the features, sections, and theme templates which you need on your website. Now, check that which website builder can provide you this type of service. Many website builders provide only default templates and to use another template you have to pay for them. So, check that the default template is suitable for your business website or not. 

Furthermore, you should focus on customer support. Usually, free service providers don’t provide you best customer support. Rather we have a list of some free website builders which will help you to build your website. Also, consider the pricing of the premium features. Maybe you will need it in the further days. These are the basic requirements which you should consider before building your website with any website builder.

Now, we have a list of some free website builders, they will provide all the basic features and you can easily build your website by drag and drop template.

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Top 5 Free website builders

We have found different website builders according to their service. In our list, all are providing different services. So, you can choose according to your requirements. 

1. WIX website builder

WIX free website builder

When we talk about the free website builder WIX comes on the top. WIX provides you thousands of free template so that you can choose any of them which is related to your business. If you count the total user of WIX then it is more than 110 million. WIX provides a drag and drops editor which makes it easy to build a website for its users. 

Also, if you are not interested to build the website using the drag and drop option then WIX can build your website. You have to provide WIX to your idea and content to build the website. WIX has some bots that can build your website automatically also so that you can take an idea from that. 

When you build a website with the WIX, you will find a top sticky banner for the website. It works like a watermark. If you want to remove that banner then you have to choose a premium plan of the WIX which is very cheap. In the premium plan, you will get access to some unique and advanced features which you are not getting in the free one. 

2. Weebly


Weebly offers their users to free domain and hosting both. You can buy the desired domain on Weebly and build the website using the drag and drop editor like WIX. Weebly is in second place in our list due to its responsive themes and app center. You can make a flexible website by choosing the appropriate theme which is compatible with every device like computer, mobile, and tablet. 

In your website, you can integrate PayPal, Google analytics, and SEO tools to optimize the SEO of the website. Also, it allows you to free sell but you have to pay the 3% transaction fee on every sale. It can calculate the tax automatically which is more beneficial for every business owner. To remove ads from your free website you have to upgrade to the premium plan. 

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3. Site123

Like the above 2 website builders, site123 is not difficult to use. You will get a free domain with the Site123 subdomain. EX. Site123 platform is more suitable for every beginner. If you need to make a creative website and use unique themes then Site123 is not for you. It doesn’t provide tons of free themes like WIX and Weebly.

You will get free 500MB storage space with every website which is not enough if you want to create a blogging website. Also, there is no page limit so you can make lots of pages using the default templates. To monitor the sales growth and global traffic to your website you can integrate google analytics with your website. 

4. Jimdo

Jimdo provides allows you to create a website using a simple framework. Rather, you are interested to do coding then you can add your own HTML files into that. Jimdo gives permission to sell your product on the free website without taking any charges. So, if you want to open an online store then Jimdo is the best option in our opinion. One more best thing about Jimdo is that it is the fastest loading website builder among all free ones.

In the free plan, you will take only 5 pages and get only 500MB of storage space which maybe not sufficient for your online store. Don’t worry. The premium plan of the Jimdo is very cheap. Moreover, Jimdo provides a free SSL certificate so use feels that your website is totally safe.

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5. WordPress

At the fifth place in our list WordPress. The premium plan of WordPress is most used by users. You can buy your domain and host on WordPress or you can use a free domain with a WordPress subdomain. You can add as many pages as you want with a contact form, videos, and articles.

On WordPress, there are lots of free and premium themes available. You can activate any one of them and make your website attractive. WordPress allows you to install the plugins on your website. Every Plugin has some unique features. So, you can add only needed features so that your site doesn’t become heavy to load on the user side.  

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