What Is SEO? – Basic Of SEO Services

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. The main purpose of SEO is that to improve the rank of the web page or website and get more organic traffic. As much better SEO of the webpage, your webpage will appear on the top of the result of related search queries. Here, we will know about all SEO services.

Once, the rank of the webpage will be improved, you will get unpaid and organic traffic from the search engine. As more focus on SEO as you will get more traffic to your webpage. For example, if I search for “cloud computing” then the search engine will show many web pages in the result. 

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On some web pages, you will see that “Ad” mark which means that web pages have paid to the search engine to get more traffic and improve their rank. Also, on the same result, you will see web pages without an “Ad” mark which means they are getting organic traffic due to better SEO.

Now, we got the point about SEO but how you can optimize it? So, we have to first know that how search engine algorithms work and how can we rank our articles. We will help you to understand the full process of search engines from you enter the keyword on the search bar to how the search engine gives results. 

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How does a search engine work?

Nowadays, of every 10 people, 7 people are using the Google search engine to search for anything on the internet. The search engine is a bot or machine which crawls through all web pages and finds the relevant content. 

On the daily basis, the search engine finds the newly uploaded web pages on the internet and adds that into the indexing. While adding the web pages in indexing it also adds the URL of the web page, keyword of the web pages, content quality, reliability, and user engagement ratio also.

The work of the search engine is that provide the most relevant and high-quality content to the users for their search queries. When a user searches anything on the search engine, it crawls through the billions of web pages and finds the most useful content which can solve the user’s query. 

You can not find the exact algorithm for how search engine works but different search engine have the unique algorithm. It might be possible your web page is ranked on google search engine but not on the other. Moreover, search engine results depend on the location also.

So, here the main goal of us should be focus to improve the factor which search engine follows to show the better result which is called search engine optimization or SEO services. Let’s know that factors and try to improve our content according to the web pages.

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Important factors to improve SEO services

There are more than 200 factors on which search engines focus to show the best results to their users. It is not possible to know every factor but we have some of them which can help you to improve the rank of the web pages.

1. Increase page loading speed

Well, page load speed is a very important factor to improve the SEO services of your web page. According to one survey, if any web page takes more than 3 seconds to load then 40% of visitors won’t come to your website which kills the traffic of your website.

While crawling the web pages Google recognizes the speed of web pages. If Google found that your web page loading speed is slow then it decreases the rank. Also, low speed affects user engagement and the user goes on to another website. 

Here, you can check the speed of your web pages and detect the problem.

2. Produces the high-quality content to improve SEO services

As you all know, when you produce the content, it is not ranked on the search engine. Rather, the quality of your content is relevant to user queries then it can be ranked on search engines. As more returning visitor comes on your web page, it will become more popular. More popular web pages get the top position on the search result.

You have to write quality content so that more people visit again it. To produce high-quality content you can put relevant images for a better understanding of visitors. Also, optimize the image size and format which makes your web page attractive and fast.

You should put some internal and external links to your web pages. Internal link helps the search engine to crawl through all the web pages of your website. Also, you can get visitors on the web page using internal links. External links allow users to get more information about the content.

So, Avoid poor-quality links in your content. Try to get a Do-Follow backlink for your web pages from other web pages. The search engine doesn’t crawl through a no-follow backlink so it will not affect the rank of web pages. Make sure your web page is index by Google and doesn’t block in the Robot.txt file. You can check your web page is indexed or not by typing “site:your_domain” to your web browser. for example, “site:techfornerdz.com”. 

Furthermore, you should fix the broken links on your website. You can use this tool to check the broken link. Make sure your content is fresh, plagiarism free and without grammatical errors.

3. Responsiveness of your website

To improve SEO services, you have to check that your website is responsive or not. It should look better on every mobile, tablet, and desktop device. In simple words, the user interface of your or web page should be best and understandable by the users. 

Today, most of the visitors on every site come via mobile device. So, the user found the desktop version on the mobile phone then it presses the back button and goes on another website. 

4. Use keywords

For every web page, you have to select a unique single keyword on which you want to rank it. You have to put this keyword between the text and the keyword percentage should be between 0.5% t0 2%. Also, you have to put the keyword in the title of the web page and the first paragraph of the content. Don’t forget to use keywords in the subheading also. 

The best meta descriptions can force the user to click on the link of your web page and visit it. Also, try to use keywords in the meta descriptions. When a user searches any query search engine checks the keyword of the query is found on your web page or not. 

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SEO Services optimization is a must to put your web page at the top of related search results and get daily new visitors. It’s doesn’t possible to follow all the factors so focus on the above which will definitely help you to improve the ranking of the web page.

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