What Is Web Hosting And Types Of Web Hosting

Today, you all are reading this article on the Techfornerdz website, because we have hosted our site on the webserver. We all are thankful to web hosting provider companies that take care of our live website for 24/7 hours.

What is web hosting?

In simple language, web hosting is an online service because that you can publish your website or application on the internet. You can live your website on the internet so that every people can see or use it from other computers which are connected with the internet worldwide.

You are buying web hosting means buying some storage space remotely or online to store the data, files, images, videos, etc. In a single word, web hosting is a home or stock room of your website. If you have not home then you must have to rent a home and here you are doing the same for your website by renting some storage space from your website provider.

web hosting

Now, question is that can you make a website or application available worldwide by storing the data on the local computer? sure, why not but you have to handle your website’s visitors request for 24/7 hours and you have to provide resources for that visitors are requesting. it might be a tough task for anyone to handle a website for 24/7 hours.

So, web hosting providers stores all resources of your website on their own server or storage spaces and handles visitors request for 24/7 hours.  Also, it takes care about the security of your website and protects your data from malicious attack.

Just simply, web hosting manages your whole website or application without giving you any kind of stress. 

Types of web hosting

There are many different types of web hosting and lots of confusion to choose it. If you are starting your first website or application then you must have some basic knowledge of each type of web hosting. Choosing the wrong hosting can create a problem for you in the future. 

types of web hosting

Here, I have explained some basic things for all types of hosting. You must have to choose to host according to your need so that you will get enough service without paying more.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Managed WordPress hosting
  5. Dedicated hosting
  6. Reseller hosting
  7. Colocation

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1. Shared Hosting

Price:- $1 to 6$ per month If you are starting your first website for blogging or your business then a shared hosting plan is best for you. 


  • Doesn’t need any special kind of knowledge to handle it.
  • Cheapest and economical hosting.
  • Best for beginners and small business websites.
  • Easy to handle by the control panel.


  • It can’t be surge heavy traffic.
  • It can decrease the speed of your site.
  • Limited storage space.
  • You have not any control over the server. 

2. Cloud hosting

Price:- Various prices according to how much space you are using.

If your website is growing very fast and you need more resources for your site then you have to choose cloud hosting.

This is the second plan where you can from shared hosting if your website visitors are increasing. If your site has more than 30k page views per month then you have to shift from shared hosting to cloud hosting so that you can improve the performance of your site.


  •  Very less downtime for your site.
  • You have to pay according to your use.
  •  More secure than shared hosting
  • Allocates resources according to the demand.
  • More scalability


  •  You must have some experience to use it.
  • Price is not fixed.
  • More traffic can increase the cost.
  • You can’t customize all resources.

3. VPS (Virtual private server) web hosting

Price :- $10 to $70 per month

Now, your site is growing and shared hosting is not able to handle your site then you should shift to VPS. 

It is just the same as shared hosting but provides you, your virtual private own server. Now, you can change anything which you want on the server but shared hosting doesn’t allow you this type of control.

VPS hosting plan is the best for the website which more than 30k monthly traffic.


  •   More stable server
  • You will get root access to the server.
  • faster loading speed.
  • Other website traffic can’t affect your site performance.

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  • Requires technical expertise to handle and install things.
  • You can’t control some resources.
  • Your private server is now your responsibility.
  •  Expensive according to service provided.

4. Managed WordPress hosting

Price :- $25 to $90 per month

If you start your own website and you have not any kind of technical expertise or knowledge then you can go for managed Word press hosting 

Here, managed hosting is one kind of service. Your hosting company provides you all services like maintenance, data backup, security, protection from malware, etc. You will get managed to host service in every hosting like managed VPS, managed cloud hosting, you can choose anyone according to your need. 

Here, I have recommended using managed WordPress hosting for every beginner.


  • Company handles your whole website.
  • No, technical skills required.
  • No need to worry about downtime.


  • Your site can be a hack if an SSL certificate is not used.
  • More cost than shared hosting.
  • You will get limited access control of a server.

5. Dedicated web hosting

Price:– $80 to $150 per month average, some servers cost up to $2000 per month

Dedicated hosting is especially for that website that is already grown and mature. You will get the whole server for the rent from the hosting provider company. If your website is for business and you need to secure your financial data then you have to go for dedicated hosting. Here, you don’t have to share the data with others like shared hosting.

I strongly recommended you select dedicated hosting if your site has user data or any financial data. If you have not enough technical skills to manage dedicated hosting then you can select managed Dedicated hosting. So, the company will manage your server and you will be stress-free. 


  • More privacy and security.
  • Full access control on the hosting server.
  • Doesn’t need to share resources with other websites.
  • Stable and optimal website performance.


  •  Most expensive plan as you taking the whole server on rent.
  • Regular maintenance needed.
  • Technical resource needed for management.

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6. Colocation hosting

Price :- $50 to $400 per month 

Colocation hosting is the most expensive option for you which provides you whole control of the server.

In colocation hosting, you will own the whole server instead of renting it like dedicated hosting. You will get a data center to store the data. The companies like Netflix are using Colocation hosting. If you own a big business and you need a very large space to store your data then you should go with colocation hosting.


  • You will get whole control on the server.
  • You own a server instead of renting it.
  • expert support always available to help you.
  • more scalability


  • Most expensive plan.
  • You are responsible for data loss if any hardware or server fails.
  • effective but not user efficient.

7. Reseller hosting

Price:- Depends on which plan you are buying from the above plans

As word reselling suggests, you buy any hosting plan from a hosting provider company and you will sell it to your client. You can make money by reselling the hosting plans.

Here, you have to take care of clients’ whole site. You have to manage client’s data, maintain website performance, etc. Also, you can buy a hosting plan for 2 to 3 years and any client need it for less duration like 6 months then you can give any hosting plan to them at a lesser price, and that way you can make money.

So, reseller hosting means you will work as a third party between the client and the hosting provider company.


  •  You can make money by working as a third party.
  • You will get full control of hosting plans.


  • You have to take care of the maintenance of your hosting.
  •  It’s your responsibility to take charge regularly from the client.


To deploy your website on the internet you must have to buy a hosting plan or you can set up your own. At the time of choosing hosting be careful and select according to your need. Above, I have already explained when you have to choose which plan. Moreover, told you Advantage and disadvantages of every hosting type.

If you will not choose a hosting plan according to your need then either you will pay more or your website performance will degrade.

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